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RHash v1.3.6 14 2018
  • support --file-list option
  • librhash: speedup sha3
  • Bugfix: fix --follow option
  • better MSYS and CygWin support
  • configuration script
  • Bugfix: broken binary hash output
  • Bugfix: fix running on WinXP
RHash v1.3.5 14 2017
  • look for locales directory at PROGRAM_DIRECTORY\locale on Windows
  • look for config at PROGRAM_DIRECTORY\rhashrc on Windows
  • support LibRhash bindings to PHP7
  • Bugfix: illegal instruction error on macOS
  • improve utf-8 support on Windows
  • Bugfix: fix access to long paths on Windows
  • add ca, fr, ro translations
  • full Spanish translation
  • correct build/install command for freebsd
  • compilation fixes for aarch64 and musl
  • improve support of clang on macOS
RHash v1.3.4 06 2016
  • compilation fixes for FreeBSD
  • return non zero exit code if a file was not found
RHash v1.3.3 05 2014
  • librhash: small optimization of Whirlpool
  • option --exclude for skipping some files during recursive scanning
  • update the SHA3 algorithm to follow the changes of the FIPS 202 draft
  • support torrents with more than one announce url
  • LibRHash now exports torrent functions
  • fixed test_rhash.sh script failing on the en_US.UTF-8 locale
  • changed the `-p' format names of sha* families, see manpage
  • set a boolean in config to true by a string `true', `on' or `yes'
  • Ctrl-C now interrupts benchmarking
RHash v1.3.2 02 2014
  • report warnings on files locked by some processes
  • ignore non-regular files while scanning directories recursively
  • option --follow for following symlinks to directories
  • BTIH piece length calculation updated to follow the uTorrent algorithm change
RHash v1.3.1 08 2014
  • Exclude the files specified by -o and -l from processing
  • Improved directory scanning
  • Bugfix: suppress the R6034 error popup on Windows
  • Fixed 'value too large' error on 32-bit Linux
  • Bugfix: corrected sha3-224 for big-endian processors
RHash v1.3.0 17 2013
  • Fixed output of percents when two or more files are hashed
  • Supported SHA3 (Keccak) hash function
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Bugfix: %{mtime} formatting option was broken
  • imported translations from Launchpad: de, es, gl, it
RHash v1.2.10 25 2012
  • Bugfix: incorrect GOST hash for ("\FF" x 64) on non-x86 CPU
  • Shortcut -k for --check-embedded
  • Bugfix: non-zero exit code if some files were not found
  • improved Ctrl-C processing
  • Bugfix: path issue with verification of hash files
  • Bugfix: different BTIH were generated for the same file
  • BugFix: python crashed on ia64
  • PHP bindings for librhash
RHash v1.2.9 14 2012
  • translations: de, en_AU, es, gl, it
  • Bugfix: handling UNC filenames on Windows
  • option --bt-batch for batch torrents
  • librhash: rhash_print_magnet function
  • .NET/Mono bindings to librhash
RHash v1.2.8 14 2011
  • LibRHash bindings to Java, Perl, Python, Ruby
  • librhash: implemented auto-final feature, turned on by default
  • Russian translation
  • Bugfix: not enough trailing '=' in a base64-encoded hash
  • Bugfix: fix broken --openssl option parsing
  • Bugfix: buffer overflow when using --embed-crc-delimiter
  • Bugfix: segmentation fault on SUSE Linux
RHash v1.2.7 14 2011
  • Bugfix: percents option was broken in v1.2.6
  • supported verification of sha256, sha512 and other hash sums
  • librhash: rhash_cancel() macro to cancel hashing from another thread
  • Bugfix: repaired default output encoding to be UTF-8 on Windows
  • Bugfix: crash on WinXP
RHash v1.2.6 16 2011
  • allowed options to be intermixed with file names in arbitrary order
  • switched option -G and the '%G' printf pattern to print GOST hash
  • Bugfix: --output failed for cyrillic file name
  • librhash: better shared library compilation/testing support
  • librhash: exported benchmarking functions in the shared library
  • librhash: added prefix to all functions to avoid poluting linker namespace
  • librhash: fixed rare alignment bugs in rhash_print and EDON-R 512
  • librhash: loading openssl at runtime if it is present
  • Bugfix: LLVM GOST amd64 asm compilation error
RHash v1.2.5 18 2011
  • option --openssl allows to replace some algorithms by the OpenSSL ones
  • Bugfix: incorrect recursive traversing of very long UTF-8 filepaths
  • Bugfix: corrected calculation of BTIH hash and torrent files
RHash v1.2.4 15 2011
  • option --benchmark-raw for machine-readable benchmark output format
  • on Intel/AMD CPUs benchmark now prints the clocks-per-byte value
  • changed config file locations
  • Bugfix: repaired --path-separator on linux/unix
RHash v1.2.3 27 2011
  • one-line percent for linux/unix
  • added printf modificator %{mtime} to print the last modified date of a file
  • Bugfix: verification of base2-like formatted md5 hash sums
RHash v1.2.2 14 2011
  • one-line percents (windows only)
  • supported EDON-R 256/512 hash sums
  • increased process priority when benchmarking on windows
  • Bugfix: eight hash sums were broken on PowerPC
  • Bugfix: --accept/--crc-accept were not working since 1.1.9
RHash v1.2.1 14 2010
  • Bugfix: GOST broken on OpenSolaris since 1.2.0
  • option --list-hashes: list names of all supported hashes, one per line
  • SHA 224/256/384/512 hash functions supported
  • Bugfix: broken asm compilation on openbsd and freebsd
  • option --path-separator=<character> for directories scanning
RHash v1.2.0 14 2010
  • --gost-cryptopro option: calculate GOST with CryptoPro parameters
  • --gost-reverse option: reverse bytes in GOST hash sum
  • Bugfix: btih/gost/ripemd/has160/snefru were not verified correctly in bsd and magnet formats
  • Bugfix: rhash compiled by MS VC skipped files of size >4Gb
RHash v1.1.9 15 2010
  • new interface for internal library librhash
  • GOST algorithm x86-64 assembler optimization
  • new options --uppercase and --lowercase
  • Bugfix: GOST worked incorrectly when compiled by GCC with `-O0'
  • windows distribution updated
  • BugFix: options with string values were incorrectly loaded from config
RHash v1.1.8 14 2010
  • option --template=<file> to read printf-like template from <file>
  • BugFix: `--recursive *' traversed parent directory .. under windows
  • BugFix: `--check <dirname>' reported strange warning for dirs
  • printf-directives starting with capital letter print upper-cased hashes, e.g. %{Gost}
  • %u directive switched to print url-encoded filename (alias for %{urlname})
  • ed2k links verification supported
  • BugFix: linking problem on OpenSolaris
  • filenames in urls are now always utf8-encoded (Windows only fix)
  • '%B','%@' modifiers to print base64/raw representation of any hash (e.g. '%BM')
RHash v1.1.7 31 2010
  • option --btih to print BitTorrent infohash
  • option --torrent to create torrent file
  • option --bt-private for private torrents
  • option --bt-piece-length to change torrent piece length
  • option --bt-announce to set torrent announcement url
  • the -m option made to be an alias for --magnet
  • print program version, when benchmarking
  • Bugfix: infite loop while recursively updating hash files under Windows
  • maxdepth parameter now is checked to be a number
  • output tiger hash in the big-endian order
RHash v1.1.6 24 2010
  • man page updated
  • now all supported hashes are verified when cheking magnet links
  • benchmark now reports the size of the hashed message
  • Bugfix: fixed GOST for big-endian systems
  • Bugfix: buffer owerflow while parsing long command line under Windows
  • Bugfix: fixed HAS-160 for big-endian systems
  • Bugfix: crash while printing sfv header for files modified before 1970
  • Bugfix: sfv-hash symlink now sets default print format to SFV
  • Bugfix: ed2k-link symlink did not work as expected
RHash v1.1.5 28 2010
  • option --utf8 under Windows, also UTF8 now is the default encoding
  • Bugfix: non-existing files were reported twice in `-r --sfv' mode
  • option --embed-crc-delimiter=<char> to insert <char> before a crc sum in -e mode
  • alias -e for --embed-crc
  • alias -B for --benchmark
  • Bugfix: percents output fixed for files of more than 4Gb of data
  • AICH algorithm has been re-written to process files of unknown size like stdin, pipes, sockets
  • ED2K switched to use eMule algorithm when filesize is an exact multiple of 9728000 bytes
  • Bugfix: buffer overflow when printing eDonkey links for 0-sized files
  • Bugfix: --ripemd160 and --md4 option were broken
  • added `%R' printf entity for RIPEMD-160
RHash v1.1.4 14 2009
  • supported algorithms: RIPEMD-160, HAS-160, GOST, MD4, SNEFRU-128, SNEFRU-256
  • long printf format entities, e.g. %{md4}, %{has160}, %{gost}, %{snefru256}
  • `u' printf modifier for uppercase hashes, e.g. %u{gost}
  • switched to %{urlname} printf-entity for url-encoded file name
  • useful symlinks are installed by `make install-symlinks'
  • WHIRLPOOL hash function supported, option --whirlpool
  • print file checking statistics when --check-embedded specified
RHash v1.1.3 29 2009
  • forbid simultaneous usage of --check, --update and --check-embedded options
  • Bugfix: Checking of md5 file always reported OK
  • --check-embedded option to verify files by crc32 sum embedded in their names.
  • --embed-crc option to rename processed files by embedding crc32 sum into name.
  • --benchmark option now prints names of tested hash sums
  • use magnet format as default if the program name contains 'magnet'
  • supported checking of files containing a single hash sum without a filename
RHash v1.1.2 15 2009
  • verification of files with magnet links supported
  • Bugfix: --skip-ok was broken since 1.1.0
  • Bugfix: checking of ed2k hashes was broken since version 1.1.0
  • Bugfix: --verbose lead to crash under OpenSolaris when config file not present
RHash v1.1.1 23 2009
  • config file described in the man page
  • Bugfix: buffer owerflow when printing tiger hash
  • Bugfix: some options couldn't be read from config file
RHash v1.1.0 14 2009
  • various small changes and refactoring
  • option --speed to print per-file and total speed statistics
  • option --output to write calculation and check results to a file
  • option --log to log percents, speed and verbose messages
  • option --percents to show wget-like percents
  • Bugfix: fixed processing of unaligned messages in the get_crc32() function
RHash v1.0.8 14 2009
  • --magnet option supported to format sums as a magnet link
  • Bugfix: printf option from config conflicted with command line
RHash v1.0.7 14 2008
  • config file supported to load default options values
  • if --verbose, report verification errors as "sum is XXXXXXXX, should be YYYYYYYY"
  • '%h' modifier changed to '%x'
RHash v1.0.6 14 2008
  • reg-file for FAR user menu
  • interpret '#' symbol as a comment
  • under windows skip files openned for writing
  • Bugfix: printf arguments %p and %f corrected
RHash v1.0.5 14 2008
  • '%b','%h' modifiers to print base32/hex representation of any hash (e.g. '%bH')
  • supported -p '\0' symbol
  • supported setting width for filesizes (e.g. -p '%12s')
  • --verbose prints read speed statistics to stderr after each file
  • read buffer increased to 2 MiB
RHash v1.0.4 09 2008
  • '%u' prints URL-encoded filename
  • EDonkey links now have URL-encoded filename and contain AICH hash
  • AICH hashsums supported, option --aich
RHash v1.0.3 28 2008
  • ed2k calculation fixed for files with 9728000 < filesize <= 9732096
  • Big-endian processors supported for all sums
RHash v1.0.2 14 2008
  • --benchmark option added
  • skip locked files under win32 when calculating 'em sums
  • Bugfix: updating of md5 files was broken
  • Bugfix: more rigid parsing of base32/hex hash sums
RHash v1.0.1 21 2008
  • Bugfix: last line without '\n' couldn't be parsed
  • Bugfix: empty lines were not skipped, when verifying a crc file
  • option '--skip-ok' to skip OK messages for successfuly verified files
  • option '-a' to print all supported hash sums
  • Changed default behavior: if no formatting option are set, sfv header is printed only for --crc32
  • Bugfix: fixed buffer overflow for command line -p '%%%%d'
  • Bugfix: fixed size calculation for stdin (rhash -p '%s' - <file)
RHash v1.0 14 2007
  • large files (more then 4Gb) supported
RHash v0.9.2 13 2007
  • Checking of TTH sums supported
  • Bugfix: ignore path delimiters at the end of filenames under win32
RHash v0.9.1 27 2007
  • Tiger option changed to -G
  • Supported parsing of windows-style paths in crc files under linux
  • TTH hash function supported (see -T option)
  • Bugfix: --printf="%f" under Windows printed paths instead of filenames
RHash v0.9 13 2007
  • program renamed to rhash
  • md5/sha1/ed2k code rewrited and slightly optimized
  • Bugfix: repaired parsing of crc files with tiger hash
RHash v0.8.9 11 2007
  • Bugfix: fixed broken md5 and ed2k sums verification
  • Bugfix: fixed wrong Tiger hash calculation for files with (file_size % 64) >= 56
  • Tiger hash optimised to be 5% faster
RHash v0.8.8 02 2007
  • added options --accept and --crc-accept
  • added --verbose option
  • added --maxdepth option
  • added check before verifying a crc file that it isn't a binary file
RHash v0.8.7 16 2007
  • Tiger hash sum optimised for IA32
  • Bugfix: --update of sfv files worked incorrectly under windows
  • implemented Tiger hash function
  • added check before updating a crc file that it isn't a binary file
RHash v0.8.6 26 2007
  • Ctrl+C now prints a message and partitial statistics
  • default format changed to SFV
  • updating of crc files supported
RHash v0.8.5 31 2007
  • supported many short options as one argument, e.g. '-MCEr'
  • option -S (--sha1) changed to -H
  • Bugfix: program crashed under BSD while printing SFV file header
RHash v0.8.4 05 2006
  • Bugfix: errors/miss stats calculation corrected
  • supported "-c -" option to check hash sums from stdin
  • added stdout flushing after each processed file
  • the program returns exit code 0 on success and 1 if an error occurred
  • corrected parsing of md5-like files with star-prepended filenames
  • checking of md5/sha1 files in *BSD format supported
  • improved I/O errors handling
RHash v0.8.3 10 2006
  • cheking of files in standard md5sum/sha1sum format supported
  • default output format for md5/sha1/ed2k sums changed
  • man page rewrited
RHash v0.8.2 30 2006
  • GCC 2.96 supported
  • Bugfix: files with .SFV extension (in uppercase) were skiped while recursive checking
RHash v0.8.1 25 2006
  • option --check now works with --recursive
  • Bugfix: corrected output format when checking files
  • Bugfix: files wasn't opened as binary on Windows when checking sums
RHash v0.8 23 2006
  • documentation now distributed with windows version
  • some *.bat files added to windows version
  • --check option added, to check hash sums files
  • --ansi option added (for Windows version only)
  • program name is parsed now to specify default sums to compute
  • Bugfix: console windows version now uses OEM (DOS) character set for output
RHash v0.7 14 2006
  • some fixes in sfv format output
  • --recursive option added
  • --ed2k-link option added
RHash v0.6 02 2005
  • Bugfix: files wasn't opened as binary on win32
  • --sfv format now implies uppercase hashes
  • added .spec file and Makefile 'rpm' target
RHash v0.5 14 2005
  • the first public version
  • win32 platform supported
  • Bugfix: fixed calculation of md5/ed2k hashes for AMD64
RHash v0.06 05 2005
  • initial linux version supporting crc32, md5, ed2k and sha1